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Some french questions!?!?!?
So Im having a bit trouble on these french questions. 1. Des phrases pour vous aider a parler au passe compose. (Phrases to help you talk to your password composed.) L'annee passee ____________________ La semaine passee ____________________ Hier ____________________ How do you do these questions!? Dont get it at all? 2. Put the following sentences into the passe compose. What do they mean? - Elle prend _______________ son dejeuner dans la salle a manger. - Nous ecoutons ______________ le discours du President a la radio. Just so you know, I'm doing past tense irregular verbs.. So everything here is supposed to be 'irregular'!! I APPRECIATE ANY HELP AT ALL! 10 POINTS!!!. :) Wait, also what does it mean to 'combine the following verbs to complete passe compose'??. Boire (to drink) _____________________ ______________________ ____________________ ______________________ _____________________ ______________________
Menu project in French thanks.?
Hello, I am currently doing a French project i am in grade 9 and i have to make a menu can someone help with some restaurant names to put on my menu and write the English definition beside it thanks.

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