cuisinière 3 fours

Cuisinière AGA 3 Fours buy in Gent on Français
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Can you help me translate this French please?
Here is the whole thing in English, unfortunately I haven't had time to translate any of this and I'm on a tight schedule, could somebody possibly translate this page of French for me, or at least a portion of it? The reason I am famous is because I am now an accomplished Jazz artist, when I was younger, I loved jazz and blues music. Some influences of mine were Bobby Darin and Artie Shaw. Before I went to secondary school I was rather introverted and didn’t have many friends, after I met my friends at school however, I became more sociable and happier. I learned to pursue my dreams and soon after my 16th birthday I went on Britain’s Got Talent and won the competition by planning clarinet. Because of this, I guess I can say I enjoyed my schooldays at secondary school thanks to my friends! However, not so much my primary school where people were not very nice. I am still only a youngster, I was born on May 9th 1993 so I still live with my mother in Hibaldstow, in Brigg and my older sister, Kristy who is 21 years old. Her birthday is March 16th 1991. My mother is called Louise Simpson and was born on 5th March 1969. She can be very frustrating at times, though I still love her because she is very supportive of me and tolerant of me and my fans! Normally, I like to wear a pair of jeans and a shirt, because it means I can look nice without looking like I have spent hours trying to look perfect. Although, if I do go out for a meal or to the cinema I like to dress a little more formal, possibly in some trousers and a nice smart shirt. Obviously my main hobby is playing clarinet, I like to do this in my free time as well as for my job. Although, I do sometimes do other things, for example, I sometimes go to the cinema, to the park and go swimming. I don’t go swimming very often, but I enjoy it, especially when I go with my friends, I guess it is quite relaxing. My house has 10 rooms, including a bathroom, 3 bedrooms, a kitchen and the living room. My room is quite small, but it has a comfortable bed and enough room for my television so it’s ok. The bathroom is quite large and is quite luxurious, better than many other peoples’ bathrooms. The kitchen has amazing cooking utilities; it has a huge cooker with 5 different hobs and 2 ovens. The living room is quite large as well, meaning there is a lot of relaxing space in our house which is good! I didn’t really do anything last, just stayed in and spent some time with my lovely girlfriend, her name is Lexi, and we watched a movie together at the cinema and had a meal at a nearby prestigious restaurant. After that Lexi went home and so did I. Because I am a celebrity it is true that I have a lot of money, I try to conserve it for the future in case I ever have children, then I will have some funds for their university and living costs. However, I also make regular donations to charities like the Red Cross. I like to help people using my money, and I try to not spend much of my money on myself, instead I try donating it to help others.

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