lustre salle à manger salon

creative or salle manger lustre moderne en verre lampe suspendue ...
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Translate this in french? Please help! Best answer?
The living room is big and has a large yellow sofa. I like the dining room because it has a large table and it has a beautiful chandelier. The kitchen is made out of wood and is also big The bathroom is my favorite as it has a jacuzzi and a large shower. My parents bedroom is bigger than mine and it is purple my bedroom has blue furniture and cream coloured walls my dads study is sophisticated and and has a lot of windows for a light atmosphere. i love the way everyone copy and pasted the first answer
Only if you are a native French speaker, please help me translate this, 10 points best ans, thank you'?
Hi, so my French teacher didn't teach my class how to translate any of this, and she didn't give us a textbook, and she expects us to translate this. Any help would be very much appreciated. Even if you can translate just a few sentences, that would be good too. 10 points best answer and thank you so much for your time and help. Please translate the following: 1.)The garden has beautiful flowers. The garden has green grass. There is a chair in the garden. 2.)This luxurious bathroom has a big, white bathtub. There is also a sink. There is a white towel. 3.)This bedroom is brown. There is a big bed. There is a tall dresser. 4.)The living room is gorgeous. There is a golden carpet on the floor. There are golden couches. There is a wide-screened TV. 5.)The dining room is very pretty. There is a tall mirror. There is a beautiful chandelier. There is a big table. And NO google translate,bing translate, babelfish translate, and no other translating websites please, thank you.

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