machine à pate à pain

Brioche aux raisins - extra moelleuse et délicieuse - - Les Joyaux ...
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Brother XL2620 sewing machine, embroidery feature.?
I purchased this machine yesturday, I bought it because Ive recently become interested in drawing with thread, via freehand emroidery. SO this machine seemed perfect for me as a beginner, who also wants basic sewing. I had another brother machine, but I needed a new one. Anyhow. I cant seem to get the 'freehand' to work, as when I put the darning plate on, and put the 'footer; down (although Ive taken the footer off as told) the machine traps the fabric to the point that it cant move, but when I dont put the footer down, and sew, I can create pictures, but the stitching becomes loose, and the stitching at the back of the fabric is all loopy. I bought a darning/embroidery footer especialy, wich works fine but the problem is with that plate, the pate is so and so mm thick, that the with the footer down you cant move the fabric freely and I cant find anywhere on the machine to adjust the level of the needle/footer or even to drop the 'teeth' on the metal plate, so I wouldnt have to use the darning plate. I hope that made sense but Im stuck. I really dont want to have to take the machine back. As I love the rest of its features but it's that one feature that I cant get my head around.
What juicer should i get and why?
Should i buy a champion juicer or an omega juicer and why??

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