salle à manger en bois blanc

Table A Manger Bois Blanc Élégant Table Salle Manger Pas Cher ...
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Help with french please.?
i am doing a french project were you describe your house and i really need a good grade so if you speak french could you tell me if my grammer is correct and if ther is anything i should add? thanks (look for the other part of writing on a continued ? caz it wont all fit on here) Quand vous entre ma maison voilà c’est la salle de séjour ! Il y a un beige fauteuil, un beige canapé, la télévision, et une petite table. Sur la table est deux livres et rouge fleures dedans une vase. À côté de la salle de séjour est la très petite salle à manger. Dans la salle à manger il y a une grande table en bois avec cinq chaises et un blanc frigidaire. À droite il y a la cuisine. Dans la cuisine la tomette est blanche et verte. Il y a un four, quelques placards, un lavabo, et le plan de travail. Sur le plan de travail il y a tosses, serviettes, assiettes, bols, vert légumes, et beaucoup fruits. La chambre de Dylan, mon frère, est proche la cuisine.
How to describe the ideal house =< in FRENCH s'il vous plait .?
so here i wan to describe about my dream house in french please HELP!!!! T-T I love freedom and being indepentent ,so i would prefer to have a house in the private island. my house has 2 stories and build with marble floor. it is decorated in roman style. It is clean and modern. There are many of huge windows and 2 huge doors at the gate and the back of the house. there are 4 rooms; my bed room, living room, dinning room and study room. My bed room is big and paint with white and pink. it is decorated in french style with classic wall paper and long armchair near by my bed my living room has a lot of mirror where i can overlook to the see and garden outside. my dinning room is red and consisted of long wood dining table. there is also a bar in the right corner of the room. my study room has a big bookboard since i love reading. this house gives me the feeling of warm and comfortable thanks inadvance you guys!! T-T

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